Litsea Cubeba Oil is extracted from the fruits of Litsea Cubeba by steam distillation method.

Physical Property
  • CAS RN: 68855-99-2
  • Color: Pale yellow to yellow clear liquid
  • Odor: Resembles Citral odor and the characteristic odor of Litsea Cubeba Relative Density: 0.882-0.905 (20/20)
  • Refractive Index: 1.4800-1.4900 (20)
  • Optical Rotation: +2°~+12°
  • Content: 67%-70% min by G.C.
  • Boiling point: 230
  • Flash point: 70
  • Solubility: 1V:3V in 70% Ethanol
  • Stability: Stable. But strong oxidizing agents, strong acids. light sensitive.


  • Litsea Cubeba Oil is mainly used in the field of essence, dialy cosmetic products and food industries. It also can be used to make Citral, and used in other industries such as plastics, printing, synthesized rubber and in the feed industry for mouldproof.

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