AnHui Wisdom Biochemical Co., Ltd is a supplier in plant extracts. The updated and strong products include rosemary extract and natural citral, which can be used as natural antioxidant, natural antimicrobial, respectively.
  Anhui Wisdom Biochemical Co., Ltd was established in August 2007, which was located in Xiangyu Chemical Industry Park, Dongzhi County, Anhui Province. The company covers an area of 114 acres with total investment is 100,000,000 RMB. It is one of the high-technology enterprises in Anhui Province. Anhui Animal Nutrition Enhancer Engineering Research Center and Anhui Wisdom Nutrition Regulation Biotechnology Research and Development Center have been set up in Wisdom.
  Anhui Wisdom Biochemical Co., Ltd aims of exploiting and utilizing the resources of Litsea Cubeba as well as Rosemary. The company had been engaged in the breeding, cultivation, harvesting and processing of plant since it was established. All the work we have done in order to produce various food fortifier and feed additive that meet human nutritional needs in using of green natural renewable materials by efficient environmental biotechnology and biochemical modifications methods.
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